Show 'em some love! (click pic)

Show 'em some love! (click pic)
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

31st Annual - Closing In On Us!!

Hey family!! Our 31st Annual Reunion is coming up fast! In just about 1 month we'll be packin' up & headed up the mountain!

Just some reminders..
Our presidency for the 2010 Reunion:

Ked & Ashley
Shawn & Kara
Eric & Riah
Chris (over sports)

There's been a small change in location for this year due to a giant mud slide at our usual camping spot in Tinney Flats :(

But don't worry! I think the spot we found will be super fun to hold us over :) We will have to go back to the old fashioned way of making our own volleyball court, but that should be cake, right?? RIGHT!

We are heading up Hobble Creek Canyon (Springville)
and will be residing at Jolley's Ranch.
If you need directions, email JoAnna at